How to Make DIY Setting Spray

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Setting spray is a must have for makeup. It helps keep your makeup in place for up to 16 hours and protects against sweat, so no more worrying about your foundation or powder from melting off. The only thing about certain settings sprays is it’s not made for all skin types, and for people with very sensitive skin, like myself, you need to be extra cautious when choosing products.

How to Make Your Own DIY Setting Spray

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  • Ellie

    Can you find most of the ingredients used in your diy cosmetic recipes, and the vitamins that help your hair grow thick and healthy in regular stores or do you buy most of it online?

  • Marcy

    Do you have to use Rose water?

  • Gladys

    whats Rose water? I look at walmart but they didn’t have it. Where can you get it?

    • GG

      Buy rose water at a middle eastern food market. It’s used in traditional middle eastern dishes, such as Turkish Delight. It smells like old lady perfume (I would know from making Turkish Delight once–yuck).

    • Janelle

      Wal-Mart has rose water it’s in the international aisle.