DIY Products That Will Prevent Stretch Marks

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There are many women in the world, including myself that have stretch marks. I’m assuming that most of us want them to disappear. However, there is no actual way to completely vanish them, but there are ways to help stretch marks from appearing. With this simple recipe, you will see your stretch marks heal faster and prevent future stretch marks:

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  • Ashley

    These are amazing, keep up the good work…you’re doing great!!!!

  • Katie

    How long until you see results with the fruit and sugar remedy to stretch marks?


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on herbal skin care.

  • Clarissa

    The best thing for stretch mark is not getting them!
    When pregnancy starts and one starts expending massage with OLIVE OIL and dig it well into the skin. From the top of the breasts right down to the bottom of your abdomen and as well as on the side parts and the back of your body. All the parts which are affected by the expansion. This is a daily ritual and the results are: NO STRETCHMARKS AT ALL. I did it and so did some of my friends and we have no stretchmarks – none at all!
    This of course works if you do it religiously – DAILY and don’t gain an enormous amount of weight. It works when one does not gain more than 25lbs and that is in any case one should gain maximum in a pregnancy.