DIY Recipes for Treating Dry Skin

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With winter and all, our skin tends to get a little dry, but there are some of us who are just born with dry skin. I love this specific recipe, especially for those of you who have sensitive/dry skin. The more natural the product the better it is for your skin. I always use this recipe on dry areas of my body, my arms, legs, stomach and back. Try it out and see for yourself! Say goodbye to itchy dry skin!

DIY-Recipes-for-Treating-Dry-Skin redo

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  • http://pintreast karen

    Honey and avacado? Won’t that be sticky? Won’t that attract bugs to you? Flies?

    • Nunya Biz

      Karen are you so ignorant? This is obviously sticky and you would definitely do this treatment in your home where flies and bugs shouldn’t be (for example: bathroom)