5 Most Forgotten Places To Use Sunscreen

5 Most Forgotten Places to Use Sunscreen

When the sun is shinning bright, we love to be outside! We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen, however there are certain spots that we tend to ignore. Those spots that we avoid are the parts of the body the gets the most sun exposure, so pay close attention! Here are 5 areas of the body that NEED SPF!

Don’t Forget Your Scalp!

This is easily forgotten and should be the first part of your body to apply SPF; I’m talking about your scalp! From past experience this part of the body is the most irritating to get sunburned. Talk about itching, burning, and flaking, nobody wants dandruff falling from their head. Find a scalp protector to prevent sunburn.

Apply SPF To Your Eyelids

I have never applied sunscreen to my eyelids, then last summer when I was laying out in the sun they got fried! It was the most painful and uncomfortable feeling ever! I feel the pain just talking about it. Because your eyelids are so thin, you need to apply sunscreen there; I can’t stress it enough! Use a natural SPF stick and apply not only on your eyelids but around the eye as well, it will help prevent signs of aging.

The Back Of Your Knees

We all focus on our kneecaps, but really we should be focusing on the back of them as well. Make sure to cover every inch of your legs!  Don’t stress out when I say this but Melanoma is very common on the legs, so protect them ladies!

Hear Me When I Say This, Protect Your Ears!

This is a very common spot to get sunburned, so lather up in SPF. I like using a stick SPF (the sunscreen I use for my eyelids) over a spray or lotion, but it’s completely up to you, just as long as you’re using some kind of protection. This part of the body really needs to be protected especially if your spending time in the pool.

The Top Of Your Feet

When your applying sunscreen to your legs, don’t forget to apply to your feet as well.  The tops of your feet is another uncomfortable spot to get burned, so think ahead of time and use a good SPF to those toesies of yours.

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