Fastest Way to Dry Your Nail Polish

Fastest Way to Dry Your Nail Polish

We all love painting our nails, but waiting for them to dry can be a pain in the toosh! When I’m trying to rush out the door it can be such a disaster, dog hair getting stuck to my nails, scraps and scratches after trying to be oh so careful, it’s the worst! With these helpful tips, no more waiting around and waiting for them to dry.

Ice Ice Baby

Ice water will become your new best friend! I found this little trick to be very helpful! Though it’s somewhat uncomfortable, it’s totally worth it. I usually like to use a small mixing bowl, fill it with water and add a few ice cubes. Then I hold my fingers in the water for about 3-5 minutes. I recommend not moving your fingers around too much, because the ice cubes can sometimes rub against your nail polish. Causing a few bumps and light scratches on your nail.

Blow Drying

Yep, I’m sure a lot of you do this, but some of you may be doing it wrong! You’re probably thinking, there’s a wrong way to blow dry? Yes there is a right and wrong way. Did you ever notice small bumps on your polish after blow-drying them? That’s because your holding the blow dryer too close to your nails, which is causing those small annoying bumps. Hold the dryer about a foot away from your finger nails and say goodbye to those annoying bumps. Also make sure that your blow dryer is on the coolest setting. Colder air hardens the polish, and warmer air only makes the drying process take longer.

The Freezer Method

If you are really in a hurry, the freezer is the answer to your problem! Placing your hands in the back of the freezer hardens your nail polish, which makes them completely dry! Hold your hands in the freezer for about a minute or so and whaaa-laaa!

Cooking Spray

Another great method to dry those nails fast! Get regular cooking spray (not the butter flavored) and spray directly on your nails. Helps dry them and also helps condition your cuticles!

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