5 Ways to Keep Your Feet Comfortable in Heels

5 ways to keep your feet comfy in heelsHeels are the perfect touch to your attire, however it’s the long days and nights that can cause your feet pain. Sometimes we even think twice before we put them on, knowing the damage it can do to your poor feet. Take a deep breath; you can wear those sexy heels all day long with out any pain! Here are 5 amazing tips to keep those feet comfortable in high heels.


Before my bachelorette party, I knew it was going to be a long night. A few days before I bought the most glamorous heels to wear, but I was a little afraid of the heel itself. Thinking about all the dancing and walking around town in my heels I was a little skeptical. I purchased some insoles, thinking it was a waste, but let me tell you it was a lifesaver! Insoles help support your heel, ball of your foot, and your arch. They come in so many different colors, which is a huge plus! No more waddling around, your feet will be comfortable all day long!

Ball Of Foot Cushions

The most common area for foot pain when wearing heels is the ball of your foot. It hurts just thinking about it! There is nothing worse then taking off your heels after a long day and can hardly walk. Cushions for the ball of your foot will help provide comfort and support. It will help alleviate pain and better yet it will prevent calluses!

Heel Cushions 

Ok ladies, for those of you who struggle with back pain this is your new best friend. Heel cushions provide extra cushioning, which absorbs shock meaning no more back pain! If you know your going to be walking around and standing all day in your high heels, I always recommend these.

Heel Liners

I have never heard of these until I ran into this miracle at the store, heel liners! I always buy high heels a little to big, because I’m afraid that my shoes will be to small if I go a size down, I don’t want my feet to be suffocating! However buying my shoes a half size bigger can be a pain! They slip off my heel constantly! Heel liners help solve that problem. They help fill in the gap from your shoe to your ankle so they have the perfect fit! No more slipping! They help provide comfort and prevent your shoes from rubbing your ankles.

Rub Relief Strips

Save the best for last! These little strips are truly the key to getting comfortable feet! You can place them any where in your shoe where you feel any rubbing. No more friction meaning to more blisters! Your feet will hold up to the long days and nights ahead of you!

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