10 Steps to Loving Your Body

10 steps to loving your bodyIt makes me sad these days how much women are at war with their bodies. There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and wanting to look good, but when women are never satisfied with their bodies, it can lead to serious problems. It’s time to start loving your body no matter what it looks like! Here is my 10-step program:

  1. When you look in the mirror, look beneath your skin. See yourself as a person, not just a body.
  2. Smile at yourself in the mirror before you leave for the day.
  3. Make a list of all the things you love about yourself, physical and non-physical.
  4. Think about all the amazing things your body can do (dancing, singing, painting, running, talking) and then go DO one of those things.
  5. Think about the women you admire most in your life. Does your admiration have anything to do with their weight, body shape, or hair volume? Probably not.
  6. Exercise your body purely because it makes you feel good and you want to take care of your body so you can keep doing all those things you thought of in #4.
  7. Give your body the healthy stuff it craves so it can function at its highest level and help you do all the things you love.
  8. With consideration for #7, remember that it won’t kill you to give your body a treat once in a while. Don’t punish and guilt yourself for that—I firmly believe that anxiety is worse for your body than chocolate cake.
  9. See others for who they are, not just how their bodies look, and you’ll start to look at yourself that way too.
  10. Be your own best friend, not your worst enemy. Stand up to those degrading voices in your head and be on your own side!

Believe that you’re beautiful and you will be. I hope you feel inspired to love your body more!

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