What Eyeshadow Color is Right for You?

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1. For blue eyes, create a contrast to make your eyes “pop” by using brown, gray, purple, or pink eye shadows.

2. Green or pink eye shadow will make brown eyes pop.

3. For gold-flecked eyes, use a shadow with a gold shimmer to it.

Which Color Eyeshadow is Right for Your Eyes

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  • Janice

    I think you are spot on. With green eyes, I used to only wear earth tones. Then I learned about using purple and I was amazed at how it made my eye color pop! I have a bit of gold in my eyes too, and sometimes wear a sheer gold metallic, and it really brings that out in my eyes. I love playing with colors!

  • cc

    i have a blue eye and a green eye what should i do put purple on the blue and earth tones on the other no i’m kidding about that i’m not that dumb but what color works for that also my bff is wondering because she has nautral gray eyes is that creepy what color she should use????