Fitness Hobbies

I am trying really hard to instill a love of a healthy lifestyle in my home.  This is not a “stay skinny” initiative, but more of a “live a healthy and full life” movement.  In my rationale, if we raise our kids doing these things and they enjoy the activitities, my kids will also have a desire to live an active and fit lifestyle.  *Fingers crossed* the brainwashing is effective:)

Here are a few hobbies that don’t feel like exercise to me.  I also happen to live in one of the very best states (go Utah!) for outdoor recreation.  Really, there are some amazing things you can do here that keep you active and fit, without hitting the gym. And styling outdoor rec has been one of my faves this year.


We live about 15 minutes from our pick of mountain ranges and hundreds of trails.  Plus, there is nothing cuter than mini Camelbacks and toddler-sized Merrells, no?  Here are a few of my favorite hiking style picks.


I am no bueno at tennis, but I am a pro at being an amateur.  Is that a thing?  I have been excelling at being mediocre in tennis for a long time, and I hate to give that streak up.  Check out this tennis outfit.  Yes, please.

Mountain Biking

If you have mountains, and you have a bike, then you need this outfit 😉


Ok, this feels like exercise but I still think it is more fun than going to a gym.  These Merrell AllOut Rush trail runners are my favorite running shoes of all times.

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