Winter Blues

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 I love the 4 distinct seasons that we see here. Winter can be lovely and all, but it is pretty easy to start feeling flat by the third month of blistery weather.  Here are a few things I do to beat the winter blues.

Style the Winter- Style your weather and make it work for you.  I shutter to imagine a life without snowy days, boots and beanies.

Escape. Take a trip.  Go somewhere.  Chase the sun!  There is a reason I don’t live in a cloudy region.  I NEED sun. Like I need the air.  

Shop.   It always makes me feel a little happier.  Shop these “winter blues” items for some cheering.

The solution to the winter blues can be summed up with 3 words.

Boots. Hats. Gloves

Click the arrow to find a few of my faves this season:

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    i. am. stuned. by. how. much. money. the. gloves. are.