15 Beauty Mistakes You Didn’t Know You were Making

Makeup is really a life saver sometimes. It can help make you look and feel your very best. But there’s a right way to do makeup and a wrong way. And you may not even know that you’re making makeup mistakes! Check through this list of beauty blunders and see if there’s a way you can improve your makeup routine.

15-Beauty-Mistakes-You-Didnt-Know-You-Were-Making redo

7 Awesome Ways to Store Your Nail Polish

Organizing my arsenal of beauty supplies is an ugly project.  My bathroom and closet are in need of a major organizational overhaul.  There are just so many beauty products.  So in the interest of a tidy room/bathroom/closet, I am on a quest for the best beauty storage solutions.  Here are a few that I found for nail polish and I think they are great.

7-Awesome-Ways-to-Store-Your-Nail-Polish redo

Surprising (Beauty) Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil

I am not one to jump on a trendy bandwagon like oil pulling or dry brushing (not that I don’t try those things and like them, but I don’t get overzealous.)  So, this is a new one for me.

I have been hearing a lot about tea tree oil lately, and I feel like I am nodding and smiling, but don’t really have a clue.  So I decided I would figure this thing out.

Turns out, tea tree oil has some pretty fabulous medicinal properties and can be used as a natural relief serum in a lot of cases.  Here are a few ideas of how you can use tea tree oil and reap some of the benefits that it has to offer. Pretty cool stuff, if you ask me.

Surprising (Beauty) Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil

What Eyeshadow Color is Right for You?

I love to experiment with different eye shadow palettes and tones.  Finding the right color depends on your skin tone, eye color, and the type of look you’re going for.  I am not a very “dramatic eye” person (for myself- I love dramatic eyes on others!), but when I go out or have a special event, I love to try new things.  Once I figured out a few basics about color, I had a little more success. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your eye shadow:What Eyeshadow Color is Right for You

The Perfect Friday Night In

I love a good DIY pedicure at home on a Friday night.  I seriously have a hard time paying for a pedicure when I can do exactly what they do in the comfort of my own home:)

Here is the perfect formula for a Friday night:)