What Eyeshadow Color is Right for You?

I love to experiment with different eye shadow palettes and tones.  Finding the right color depends on your skin tone, eye color, and the type of look you’re going for.  I am not a very “dramatic eye” person (for myself- I love dramatic eyes on others!), but when I go out or have a special event, I love to try new things.  Once I figured out a few basics about color, I had a little more success. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your eye shadow:What Eyeshadow Color is Right for You

Add Color- 6 trendsetting Styles

Time to add some color to your boring threads!  Check out these cute ways to brighten up your nudes, blacks and grays with a little color:)

Be Inspired

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Maybe you’re still a little nervous to add some color to your attire. Try being simple and yet bold with bright colors that can inspire you. This purse will help give you enough confidence to really step it up a notch!