15 Bra Hacks that Will Change Your Life

Every girl wears them, and most of us wish we didn’t have to because lets face….they can be really annoying sometimes. These 15 bra hacks seriously will change your life, and make wearing a bra a little less annoying. :)

15 Bra Hacks that Will Change Your Life

12 Sephora Hacks that Can Save You Hundreds

Sephora is a really nice brand with lots of products, but it can sometimes be a little spendy. If you like Sephora but don’t like seeing an empty wallet, here are some great hacks that can help save you hundreds!

12 Sephora Hacks that Can Save You Hundreds

7 Beauty Tricks that Will Save You Money

Whenever we here about a new beauty product, the first thing we do is go out and buy it. I know I spend a whole lot of money on beauty products, however recently I have been doing a little research on inexpensive beauty tips and let me tell you it rocks! I have tried all of these little tips and they work just as good and not to mention I am saving a ton of money! Try out these little beauty tips and see for yourself!

7-Beauty-Tricks-That-Will-Save-You-Money redo

6 Things That Will Make Your Hair Look Fuller

For those of you who have been living with thin looking hair, now is the time to change that! I have been dying to have full looking hair for years now and I have found some of the best tips and tricks to getting fuller hair. Seriously I have the thinnest hair and now people wonder if I have added extensions to my hair to make it thicker! But they don’t know my little secrete to creating my full looking hair, so now I’m spilling the beans! Try these little tips of mine and you will notice a huge difference with the fullness of your hair!

6 Things That Will Make Your Hair Look Fuller

How to Clean and Care for Your Makeup Brushes

Set of make-up brushes

Some people tend to ignore the importance of caring for your makeup brushes. Some of you may wonder why you are breaking out, out of nowhere! The reason could be your not properly cleaning your make up brushes! Taking care of your makeup brushes is key to caring for your skin. There could be bacteria lingering in those brushes of yours, so take action and start cleaning them! Here are a few tips and tricks on how to properly clean and care for your makeup brushes!

Synthetic vs. Natural Hairs- There is a huge difference when it comes to using synthetic and natural hairbrushes. With synthetic brushes they best for using liquid foundation or cream based products. If you are using brushes that have natural hairs, you defiantly have to be more careful! They are best for dry powders, bronzers, and blushes. Take care of your brushes! They will last forever and it will save you money from having to buy new ones!

Bubble Bath- Shampooing your brushes at least 2-3 times a week is important! If you want a clean face, only use clean brushes!

How To:

Use the shampoo you use on your hair for cleaning. Run your brushes under cold water (one at a time) until all the makeup is removed from your brushes. Just make sure that you aren’t running the water too close to the base (metal part) of the brush, you don’t want the hair to fall out. Water getting into the brush can ruin the glue causing hair loss to your brush! So be careful! Once the makeup is washed off, apply 1-2 drops directly on the hairs of the brush (depending on the size) and gently massage the hairs. Don’t pull on them, be gentle! Rinse the shampoo out of the brushes with cold water until the shampoo is completely gone.

To dry, gently squeeze your brush from base to tip (metal part) to squeeze out water. Lightly tap the brush on a towel to make sure it dries properly Place the brush on a towel to let them air dry! (Never use your blow dryer to dry them) Before using your brushes, make sure they are completely dry! Repeat these steps with each brush!

Give Your Brushes A Clean Home- If you want to ignore bacteria, do not store your makeup brushes in your makeup bag! Your makeup bags are full of access powder/makeup; your brushes will have all sorts of makeup on them, yuck! Keep them in a brush organizer, you can either make them yourself, or you can buy a brush holder from a cosmetic store! Keep em clean!

Don’t Let Your Brushes Drowned In Liquid-There are some of us that think that leaving your brushes in a liquid can clean them. However letting them sit in liquid for long periods of time can cause damage! Keep your brushes in a clean and dry space!