Simple Tips to Help Protect Your Hair From Heat when Using Hot Irons

Flat irons are heaven-sent. You can use a flat iron to create beachy waves, tight curls, or completely straight hair. They’re really a quintessential styling tool. Nevertheless, flat irons can cause a lot of damage if used incorrectly. So make sure you’re doing all the right things to keep your hair healthy.

Simple Tips to Protect Your Hair When Using Hot Irons

6 Hair Mistakes You Are Probably Making

I am desperately trying to find a way to preserve my hair for the long haul.  As I get older and the seasons change, my hair gets more brittle, and I am seeing a disturbing amount of breakage.  Just like anything, even when you know what you must do, it is hard to have the discipline to always do it.  I am renewing my resolve to put my luscious locks first!  Here are the 6 most common mistakes people (and by people, I mean me) make with their hair!

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