Top Sharpie Manicure Ideas

No need to spend tons of time and money on nail salons! Now you can do your own nails for free at your home and on your own time with just simply Sharpies! Here are some great Sharpie manicure ideas for you to use to make your nails shine!

Top Sharpie Manicure Ideas

6 Pro Tips for the Perfect Nails

With these 6 pro tips, your nails with be the hottest trend this summer! Get fashionable nails this season and have all eyes on you.6 Pro Tips for the Perfect Nails

Mani And Pedi Combo

Some women believe that there is a rule when it comes to painting your fingernails and toe nails the same color. The truth is, you need to start breaking that rule! Start mixing and matching this summer! Go with a lighter color on the fingers and more bright and bold colors on your toes. Mix it up a bit and find the perfect color combo this summer!

10 Nail Polishes That You Have to Try!


We all know that polishes are now apart of our wardrobe; nails have become a huge trend in the fashion world! Be a fashionista this spring and try these 5 must have polishes for this season!

10 Nail Polishes That You Have to Try

4 Flirty Glitter Manicures

4 Flirty Ways to Add Glitter to You Nails

I love to add a little glitter to my nails and try new things and be bold.  I have become so addicted to buying glitter nail polish; it’s a perfect way to add color and interest to my boring hands!  Here are four flirty ways to add some girly glitter to your nails!