15 Beauty Mistakes You Didn’t Know You were Making

Makeup is really a life saver sometimes. It can help make you look and feel your very best. But there’s a right way to do makeup and a wrong way. And you may not even know that you’re making makeup mistakes! Check through this list of beauty blunders and see if there’s a way you can improve your makeup routine.

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8 Tips for the Perfect Mascara

Don’t ignore one of your most important assets! Give your eyes some attention by accenting your lashes! Mascara helps your eyes stand out just that much more! By adding mascara to your daily makeup routine, all eyes will be on you! By following some of these tips, you will have gorgeous dreamy lashes!

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10 Best Humidity-Proof Makeups

I don’t live in a very humid climate, but every time I travel to one, it is a disaster on the hair and makeup.  So, for those of you who have asked which foundations I have tried that stay in humidity (or sweat!) here are some really great options. These products stay in place and don’t run or smudge. I tried to include something for all budgets:

10 Best Humidity-Proof Makeups