What Eyeshadow Color is Right for You?

I love to experiment with different eye shadow palettes and tones.  Finding the right color depends on your skin tone, eye color, and the type of look you’re going for.  I am not a very “dramatic eye” person (for myself- I love dramatic eyes on others!), but when I go out or have a special event, I love to try new things.  Once I figured out a few basics about color, I had a little more success. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your eye shadow:What Eyeshadow Color is Right for You

9 Ways to Use Honey in Your Beauty Routine

Today is Tuesday Treasure and I am sure some of you treasure honey as much as I do.  I am a huge fan of honey and its many uses.  It seems to be the natural cure for a lot of ailments. Check out this impressive list, then go stock up!

9-Ways-to-Use-Honey-in-Your-Beauty-Routine redo